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Understanding Common Payment Queries
Understanding Common Payment Queries
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Why has My Payment been Rejected?

We understand the inconvenience that can arise when attempting to support your favorite content creator. If you are experiencing difficulties, please refer to the following for a list of common causes and solutions.

Pre-Paid Cards

Kick does not support pre-paid payment cards for recurring subscriptions. Gifted Subscriptions are not affected by this.

Incorrect Address / Details

Please verify that you have correctly entered your name and billing address tied to the card. If you have recently changed address, you will need to update your personal information with your card issuer.

Streamer has not Completed their Payment Profile

In some rare situations, the streamer may not have fully completed/verified their account with Stripe.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), please try disabling before using your payment card on Kick as this can sometimes

AdBlockers / Privacy Blockers

Some 3rd Party Extensions / Apps can often interfere with payment processing. Please try disabling extensions/software and re-attempting your payment.

Cache / Cookies

Please try clearing your Cache and Cookies in your browser. Once cleared please restart your browser.

Browser Settings (Chrome / Edge)

Step 1:

Web Browsers such as Chrome or Edge may have settings disabled which prevents the use of online payments.

Please copy and pate the following into your address bar and pressing enter.





Step 2:

Scroll to "Payment handlers"

Step 3:

Ensure the option is set to Allow

Step 4:

Restart your browser.

Browser Settings (Firefox)

Please try disabling Advanced Tracking Protection for

Step 1:

Enter the following into your address bar and press enter


Step 2:

Click "Manage Exceptions"

Step 3:

Enter: and click "Add Exception"

Step 4:

Click "Save Changes" and restart Firefox.

If you continue to experience any payment issues, please contact us by emailing: [email protected]

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