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Submitting a Report
Submitting a Report

Reporting a user or livestream

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Reports are a valuable and essential way of creating a safe and inviting experience on Kick with every report carefully assessed by a member of our moderation team. Your reports are anonymous meaning your reports will not reveal your name to the reported user.

Best Practices

  1. File a single report instead of mass sending reports. Reporting the same content multiple times will not speed up the investigation process or increase the chances of enforcement being taken. Abusing the reporting system may result in action being taken on your account.

  2. Select the most appropriate report reason. This allows the moderation team to action the report as quickly and accurately as possible.

💡 If you're being harassed in a stream's live chat, you are able to mute the user involved.

Reporting on Web

  1. Click the 3 vertical dots icon on the bottom right of the video player on the page of the channel you wish to report. To report the content from a VOD, you are able to report directly from the page of the VOD.

  2. On the popup modal that appears, select the most appropriate category for the report.

Reporting a User in the Chat

  1. Click the user's name in chat.

  2. Click the Warning icon to report the user.

  3. Write a succinct and detailed description of the violation.

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