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How to download your Kick replays
How to download your Kick replays

Learn how to download your stream replays / VODs

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To download your Kick replays you must first install 3rd party software.

We will cover 2 different methods of download:

Before we start to download our replay, some tools require the .m3u8 file for the Kick Replay (VOD).

Step 1 - Finding the m3u8 file

If you would prefer to use a tool to find the .m3u8 file for your stream replay please try:

  1. Open your browser and press F12

  2. Click the "Network" tab

  3. Load the replay in your browser

  4. In the network tab, search for m3u8

  5. Right Click the file master.m3u8 and select Copy Link Address

🥳 You now have the playlist file copied to your clipboard ready for the next step!

Downloading your Replay with JDownloader

First, you need to ensure that JDownloader has been installed onto your computer.

  1. Start JDownloader

  2. Click "Add New Links"

  3. Paste the m3u8 link we copied earlier into the top text box, select a download location and press Continue

  4. JDownloader will automatically display all the available resolutions to download

  5. Right click on the resolution you wish to download and select "Start Download"

  6. First time using JDownloader will prompt you to install FFMPEG - this is required to convert the m3u8 file to a video file.

  7. Once installed, your download will start.

Downloading your Kick replay with yt-dlp

yt-dlp is a command line tool that once installed can be used to download your Kick replay and no longer requires the m3u8 link.

  1. Open your command line / terminal

  2. If on Windows, go to the directory where the yt-dlp file has been installed

  3. Run the following Command:

    yt-dlp <kick_replay_url>

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