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Understanding's Homepage
Understanding's Homepage

Learn how to use the home page of

Updated over a week ago

As Kick continues to grow in features we will update this article to help new users navigate the website.

1 - Browse

The browse link takes you to a page which displays:

  • Live Streaming Categories

  • Live channels

  • Clips

2 - Following

Channels & Categories which you follow will appear on this page.

3 - Menu

Clicking the "3 Dots" will display a small menu where you can find the following information.

4 - Search

Enter the search terms to find channels and categories on Kick.

5 - Wallet

This feature is coming soon.

6 - Account Menu

Clicking your avatar (when logged in) will show you a new menu to access features relating to your account:

  • Your Channel

  • Creator Dashboard

  • Subscriptions

  • Settings

  • Log Out

7 - Following Menu

Channels which you are following will appear in this list.

8 - Featured Streams

Channels which are currently being features on the home page will appear in the top section of

9 - Top Live Categories

Categories with the most viewers and streamers will be shown in this list. Clicking Show More will show more categories.

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