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Understanding your Kick Creator Dashboard
Understanding your Kick Creator Dashboard

Learn more about your Kick creator dashboard, what each function in the creator dashboard does.

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The Kick Creator Dashboard is the main dashboard for your live streaming journey.

1 - Dashboard Menu

This is your main to navigate your Kick account.

  1. Stream - Streamer Dashboard

  2. Achievements - Your achievements on Kick

  3. Community

    1. Moderators - Add/Remove channel moderators

    2. Badges - Add/Remove channel badges

    3. Emotes - Add/Remove channel emotes

  4. Settings

    1. Profile - Update your bio / banners

    2. Stream Key - View/Refresh your Kick stream key

    3. Security - Enable/Disable 2FA / Reset your password

    4. Notifications - Enable/Disable Live notifications

2 - Activity Feed

The activity feed will show all recent activities on your channel such as:

  • New Followers

  • New Subscriptions

  • Re-Subscriptions

  • Hosts

3 - Chat

The chat room for your live stream. You can send messages, perform moderation and read other messages sent from Kick users.

4 - Session

This will display your current streaming status. If you are live, the status will change to "Streaming..."

5 - Viewers

This section will update with the amount of users who are watching your live stream

6 - Followers

This section will display how many followers your channel currently has

7 - Time Live

This section will display how long your channel has been live streaming for.

8 - Mod Actions

This section will display actions taken by moderators in your channel such as:

  • Bans

  • Unbans

9 - Edit Stream Info

This button once clicked will allow you to update your stream information.

  • Stream Title

  • Stream Category

  • Language

  • 18+ Stream

10 - Host

This button will allow you to host another Kick user. Once you choose a live user to host, your viewers will automatically be redirected to their channel.

Your stream must have at least 5 viewers for this button to become active

11 - Slow Mode

This toggle will enable or disable slow mode. Enabling slow mode will prevent users from sending messages too quickly in your chat room.

With slow mode enabled, edit the amount of seconds between each message sent from the same user.

12 - Followers only chat

This toggle with enable or disable the followers only chat option. If enabled, only users who follow your Kick channel will be allowed to chat in your channel.

With Followers only chat enabled, edit the amount of minutes a user needs to be following before they are able to send a chat message.

13 - Stream Preview

This is your live stream currently being received from your streaming software.

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