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How to create clips on Kick
How to create clips on Kick

Capture a live stream moment with clipping. Clip funny highlights from Kick streams. How to delete Kick clips.

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Kick Clips are small videos up to 60 seconds in length which have been generated from a Kick livestream. Clips can be created by any logged in user watching your stream, or by the streamer themselves.

How to generate a Kick Clip

To create a clip of a Kick live stream:

  1. Start watching a Kick Live Stream

  2. Click the Clip Icon (located at the bottom right of the video player)

  3. The clip will begin generating (this can take between 60-120 seconds)

  4. Once the clip has been generated you can now begin to trim the video and provide a title which best describes the clip.

    1. Time remaining to edit the clip
    2. Title / Description of the clip
    3. Sliders to capture the specific moment you want to clip

  5. Once you're happy with your clip, click the Publish button and the clip will be saved in the streamers clip section.

How to delete a Kick clip?

Clips can only be deleted by the channel owner:

  1. Login to your Kick account

  2. Go to your channel page (<your_channel>)

  3. Select the Clips tab

  4. Hover over the clip you wish to delete and click the ❌

  5. The clip will now be removed from your channel

How to download Kick Clips

All clips can be downloaded using your browser. To download a clip:

  1. Find the clip you want to download

  2. Start playing the clip

  3. Right click on the clip and select Save video as...

  4. The clip will be downloaded as a .mp4 file

Frequently Asked Questions

We've collated some of the most asked questions below, if your question is not answered please be sure to create a support ticket.

I generated a clip, and now I can't find it?

Streamers are able to delete clips from their channel. If a clip you generated no longer exists the streamer has most likely deleted it.

I keep receiving an error when trying to clip my stream replays?

Kick clips are only currently only available for live streams - we do plan to support replays in the future.

I am receiving an error when trying to clip a live stream

If a clip is already being generated for this time period you may receive an error when trying to clip.

You may also receive this error if you have clicked the clip icon multiple times.

The clip is not capturing the correct timeframe

Please refresh your browser/device page to ensure you are watching the most up to date stream and try clipping again.

What is the Maximum Length of a Clip?

Clips have a maximum length of 60 seconds, but can be shortened using the edit tool when first generating the clip.

Can I clip from a Stream Replay (VOD)?

Yes, this is possible!

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