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Kick Stream Replays / VODs
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Stream replays or "VODs" as they are otherwise often referred to are past broadcasts on your channel. Once you have finished your live stream a replay will be saved.

How long do stream replays last?

Replays (VODs) from the last 30 days will be shown on your channel.

How do I delete my stream replay?

  1. Go to your channel page eg:

  2. Select the "Videos" tab

  3. Click the cross in the top right of the past broadcast you wish to remove

💡 Any replays that are deleted from your channel will also reflect on your statistics. For example, if you streamed for 5 hours - then delete the replay, your total stream time will be reduced by 5 hours.

Can I make a clip from a stream replay?

Yes, you are able to clip from stream replays/VODs!

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