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How to moderate your Kick Chat
How to moderate your Kick Chat
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To ensure the most enjoyable live stream, Kick provides all content creators with the ability to not only moderate their channels themselves, but to assign members of their community the powers of moderation.

Adding moderators to your channel will enable that user to perform the following:

  • Remove chat messages

  • Ban users

  • Unban chat users

How to Add/Remove moderators to your Kick Channel

Kick provides the ability to add/remove moderators to your channel by using your Creator Dashboard, or by typing a command in your own chat room.

Adding Moderators via Chat Command

In your stream chat, write the following command:

/mod <username>

Removing Moderators via Chat Command

/unmod <username>

Adding Moderators via your Creator Dashboard

  1. Click "Add new"

  2. Enter the username into the search box

  3. Click "Add"

To remove a moderator from your channel using the Creator Dashboard

  1. Find the user you wish to remove

  2. Click "Remove"

How to remove chat messages

Chat messages can be removed by the channel owner and all moderators. To remove a chat message:

  1. Hover over the chat message you wish to remove

  2. Click the trashcan labelled "Delete"

How to Ban a user from the chat room

Banned users will no longer be able to type in the chat room.

Ban user using the UI

  1. Hover over the user you wish to ban

  2. Click the username

  3. Using the popup window, select the Ban option

Ban user using a chat message

You can also ban users by typing a specific chat command:

/ban <username>

How to Report a Kick chat user

Reporting a user on Kick will send the Kick Moderation team a message containing your report.

  1. Click the username of the user you wish to report

  2. Click the Report icon

  3. Provide further details - please try to include as much information as possible

  4. Click Report

How to Mute a chat user

Muting a user will prevent that users chat messages being shown in your chat window. Other users who have not "muted" that specific user will continue to see their chat messages.

  1. Hover over the user you wish to ban

  2. Click the username

  3. Using the popup window, select the Microphone option

How to unmute a chat user

To unmute a chat user previously muted:

  1. Click the ⚙ icon in the chat room

  2. Select Muted Users

  3. Click the trashcan icon next to the user you wish to unmute

How to Time out a chat user

Timing out a chat user temporarily prevents that user from sending chat messages in the chat room. To timeout a user type the following command into the chat box:

/timeout <username> <time> <reason>

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